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Compromise & Absolutes

Posted by braglio on

Parents know that one of the harder concepts for children to grasp is compromise. Giving up anything to get less than what you originally wanted seems counter intuitive to a brain without theory of mind and limited ability to see the advantages of long term emotional investment in others. Eventually we all learn and compromise daily in all of our relationship interactions, work, marriage, family. We accept that sometimes things just don’t go our way. We accept ‘the suck’, we hold on to the fact that things will break our way at some point. In the end it works, we make our lives happen.

If compromise works so well on a daily basis for, well everyone, then why have our views on compromise in government vanished? Everyone that has a social media account can quickly tally 30-40% of their contacts that post absolute right wing statements, all regurgitated pap that was written by some stranger they don’t know. Conversely they will have 30-40% of their friends and family posting the 180° polar opposite sputum. They each express outrage when someone expresses that the story may have two sides. They each fear for their future should the other side win. It is all or nothing, winner takes all.

With all of these people so absolutely sure that the other side is 100% wrong, how can there ever be a chance for the seeds of compromise to germinate? Anyone with an eighth grade education learned that the entire basis of the constitution we currently have was not just one compromise but a whole slew, a series of give and take.

What removed that ability from our government? What would bring it back?