Working for the Butterfly

The GOP nominee for president is making me think a lot about a short period in my employment past…

In the early 90s I worked for one of the major home construction contractors in Montgomery County PA. It was an entry level job and I was glad to have it as I had just escaped a stint in retail management. I quickly found out that I had jumped from one brand of insanity to another.

This family owned business was managed by two men who were brothers. One brother was an actual business man, someone you could have a conversation with. The other brother was a certifiable idiot. The only person that didn’t seem to know he was an idiot was him. Unfortunately because he owned half the company no one was in the capacity to put this guy in his place.

He was extraordinarily wealthy. Had money beyond what any average person could imagine. Despite this, he was a moron. I watched him make incredibly poor business decisions. I watched him bully subcontractors and employees. I watched him lie to customers. I sat in meetings with him and listened to him rant about how he wanted all of his competition to die and for their families to go hungry. He was a horrible human being.

One early Saturday morning I went into the office to get caught up on paperwork and to put in some time on a computer program I was writing. Eventually that program would be used as billing software for my employer. Commercial software that performed the same task would have cost upwards of $10,000 but I wrote this over a weekend or two, saving my employer a considerable sum of money. Mr. Crazy caught me working that morning and drug me into his office. He then proceeded to lecture me for two and a half hours, telling me about a friend of his that made so little money it was laughable ‘Around $150k a year’ – I made about 20% of that and worked 55+ hours a week including weekends as a salaried employee. Clearly he had no idea how much I was being paid, or maybe he did and he just wanted to insult me further. The impromptu meeting ended with him yelling at me and demanding a series of reports on his desk Monday morning. I worked the rest of the day after he left and placed the reports on his desk for Monday morning. I followed up with him Monday afternoon and his response? ‘What reports? What are you talking about?’ and he walked away to go yell at someone else.

Eventually I came up with a nickname for him – The Butterfly – he never knew where he was going to land, he just went where the wind blew his ass.

I see so many similarities between him and Trump, it’s spooky. If you told me my former employer was one election away from the presidency I would fear for the future of the country. I don’t need to have worked for Trump to know the same thing holds true here. No matter how much you dislike the Clinton family, for the veritable future of the species, please don’t vote Trump. We can’t handle a Butterfly in the White House.